Photo Credits

In showing sincere appreciation for the authors and following CC license.

High Resolution Paper Background Texture: Enrique Flouret

Abandoned Hospital: reivax

Education Department: Alexander Baxevanis

Aurora Borealis: Beverly

Approaching Big Beng National Park: Robert Hensley

First Light at the Lake University of Nottingham: blinking idiot

Happy doctor: Lisa Brewster

Hospital Geral Roberto Santos: Fotos GOVBA

Hospital Regional de Juazeiro vai beneficiar: Fotos GOVBA

Lighthouse and clouds at the edge of earth in Byron Bay: paul bica

Little Rock Central High School: Cliff

Medical Equipment 2: Michael Cote

Medical Equipment: Michael Cote

My Vision of IR: William Cho

Still life in the hospital: Martin Pulaski

The Knight Hospital: reivax

US Department of Education building: Coolcaesar

US Passport: Kat

Warwick Hospital – Road sign: Lydia

Warwick Hospital Accident & Emergency dept: Lydia

Gangbuk Samsung Hospital: Jinho Jung

Gimcheon Jeil Hospital: Yupki 악마

Passport to adventure: Mike

Residency Paperwork for Argentina: Beatric Murch